sabato 15 dicembre 2018

Urne cremazione LARA LA-2

urne cremazione LARA LA-2

Description: Handcrafted urn in solid cherry and maple with a semi-gloss finish.
Structure: Solid cherry and maple urn. Removable base.
Manufacturing: Handcrafted and professionally made.
Colour: Natural.
Dimensions: 11,61″ x 7,87″ x H 5,91″
Weight: 4,63 lbs
Capacity: 305 cu in
Accessories included: Aluminium pouch U-SACC.
Optional accessories: Satin urn pouch with laces (22,4″ x 18,5″).
Notes: These measures do not allow to accommodate the painted sheet metal U-Z 1 or the aluminium container U-Z 2.

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